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4º ESO (revision 4-6 answer key)

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4º ESO (Revision Units 4-6: Answer Key)

Re-sit exam 1º, 2º, 3º ESO (Students of 4º ESO)


-Parts of the body
-The House
-Means of Transport
-Daily Routines
- Instruments
-The clothes
-Adjectives to describe appearance / personality


-Subject pronouns
-Possessive adjectives/ Possessive-"s"
-Object pronouns
-Present Simple (aff,, neg. , interrog.)
-Present Continuous (aff., neg., interrog.)
-Future tense: will / be going to
-Past simple (aff., neg., interrog.) Regular / Irregular verbs
-Past Continuous (aff., neg., interrog)
-Modal Verbs: CAN / COULD / MAY /SHOULD / MUST
-Revise: "question words": what, where, when, who, how, why, which, how often)

2nd Bach: Impersonal Passive
 Passive 10: exercise 4
 Passive 8 : "Rephrasings" (from 1 to 7)